About Us

ADP Holdings, Ltd. ("ADP") is a Renewable Energy Company, providing green products, technologies, and management services.  ADP and its business partners (i) develop and provide new sources of renewable energy, including on-demand hydrogen and other waste to energy solutions, (ii) create new, sustainable sources of energy through the conversion of man-made waste (used motor oil/fats/greases, municipal and agricultural waste, etc.) into renewable energy, and (iii) construct and protect environmentally friendly commercial buildings and residential housing using waste products and energy-efficient protective sealants.

  • ADP creates partnerships and new ownership opportunities in the renewable energy industry.
  • ADP provides eco-friendly products and services for the green construction industry.
  • ADP provides project financing and professional consulting services to develop and manage complex projects.
  • ADP assists clients with defining and implementing new building standards and the use of eco-friendly building materials.


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